“The Plan”
Action of the Liberty Restoration Committee
Operating under the authority of We the People

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​​​First of all, The Plan is legal and lawful.  It uses the same method that was used historically when our young nation went from the Articles of Confederation, our first Constitution, to the Constitution of the United States of America.  The beginnings of this plan dates back 18 months or more, but in another way, it’s roots were 700 years ago when the people occupying what we now call England or Great Britain started listing their rights and forcing their rulers, the Kings (usually with a sword to the King’s throat), into recognizing their Liberty and how the people wanted representation with fair and equal treatment, not tyranny, from their rulers.  An interesting fact we learned from KrisAnne Hall is the 4th thru 8th Amendments to our Constitution come directly from the Magna Carta.  But let’s get back to THIS plan, from the Liberty Restoration Committee, which we will refer to as the LRC. The LRC was officially formed July of 2015.

Overly simplified the Plan is to petition the State Legislative bodies to dissolve the current compact they entered into with each other in 1787, our present Constitution, and to then sign an updated compact The Constitution of the United States 2.0 revised.  The result would abolish our current Federal Government and create a New Federal Government with new rules to insure that the Federal Government would be put back inside the box We the People NEVER SHOULD HAVE LET THEM GET OUT OF IN THE FIRST PLACE.  Once you get over the shock of just how BOLD the concept of updating our Constitution is and are ready to listen to what else we have to tell you; let us put you more at ease.  Our present Constitution’s contents are contained inside the Constitution 2.0 revised.  The LRC did NOT set out to reinvent the wheel, but DID want to create a new Ruling Document that contained the provisions necessary to RESTRAIN the Federal Government to its ORIGINAL INTENT!!  During this explanation we will also share with you the ways we believe this Plan will be attacked by those afraid it will be successful and in doing so, be able to spread the TRUTH about this Action even before the attacks start.  Make no mistake, this Action of the LRC will be attacked viciously; even by some that SHOULD BE SUPPORTING IT but who stopped listening when we stated this Action involved updating our Constitution.  To those that attack it because it would be FORCING the federal government back to its original intent, while stripping the current elected officials of their power and office, we understand their need for self-preservation, they have spent decades building their playhouse, ignoring the needs and sovereignty of the People while lining their own pockets, rigging elections to ensure they remain in power and catering to special interest groups that fill their re-election accounts with what amounts to nothing more than bribes and payoffs.  Wouldn’t you want to keep their privileged retirement funding, top shelf healthcare and travel allowances while stuffing your personal accounts making fortunes while professing to be humble public servants?  Corruption rules in DC; you see; absolute power does corrupt absolutely.  If you had achieved such power and status, even at the expense of NOT doing the RIGHT thing in service of the People, why would you give it up without a fight?  You wouldn’t, and those in power won’t go willingly, they will try and shred this Plan.  We do understand their motives.  To those that SHOULD support this Plan but attack it because they don’t understand it and speak from a lack of factual information, against it, we hope you will read this explanation closely and completely because our current Federal Government is, in MANY WAYS, WORSE than the Government our Founders fought to become independent from.

Let’s look at Original Intent.  When the original 13 Sovereign States created the Federal Government, they wanted a centralized Government LIMITED in size, scope and power; so they only delegated to the new government a few certain duties that included:  securing our borders, providing for the common defense, insuring free trade between the States, AND, the Federal Government was to represent the collective States in international matters of war, peace, treaties, trade agreements and negotiations.  Do you agree? Look at the size of our Federal Government today.  Can you even see evidence of the original intent anymore?  Or do you see this over-bloated, over-regulating, wasteful, corrupt Monster and have no idea how to close the Pandora’s Box that We the People have allowed to be opened?

Returning our Federal Government to its original intent and keeping it there was the task the LRC tackled.  The committee decided two documents were necessary to accomplish this task.  To announce their plan and to gather an overwhelming amount of support from We the People, the first document entitled Declaration of Intent was written.  This document was patterned after our Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson.  In fact, the first section of the Declaration of Intent comes, in some places verbatim, from the first third of the Declaration of Independence.  So anyone reading it will see it is not a limp-wristed petition, but a SERIOUS document. 

The second section is what we call the indictment section, listing several ways the Federal Government operates outside its Constitutional authority and has taken undelegated powers from the States and the people, as well as, the ways the Federal government chooses which laws to enforce or ignore or on whom to prosecute or not depending on whether or not they consider any person a member of a “protected” or exempt group. 

The final section of the Declaration of Intent, defines the title of the document, in other words, this action is what the People intend to do.  More simply put, the People first make the Charge, then provide the Evidence and finally render a Verdict.  PLEASE BE SURE AND READ AND ELECTRONICALLY SIGN THE DECLARATION OF INTENT AFTER you have reviewed ALL the information on this website.  Your name and the State you reside in are the only two pieces of information you are asked to give when signing.

Before we discuss the second document written by the LRC, let us make a statement.  All the members of the LRC view our Constitution and its original intent Divinely inspired; in other words, the committee did not set out to reinvent the wheel.  That being said, to accomplish the task, BOLD action and measures were necessary.  Let us list two examples to help you understand how circumstances required the steps taken by the LRC.  Take an internal combustion engine, like your lawnmower or even your car or truck’s motor.  Over time, due to use and wear, an engine quits running properly.  To rebuild it, you must tear it down to its core or block and rebuild it.  As technology advances, the parts you use in the process of rebuilding will give you a final result of a much smoother and better running engine.  Now what do you have to do to remodel a house in order to update and modernize all the plumbing, electrical wiring, go from plaster to sheetrock interior walls etc?  You have to gut the house and rebuild.  In both these examples you kept the core or the shell intact.  You kept the good, replacing the bad.  That is what the LRC did when we updated the Constitution 2.0 revised.

The second document is longer and more detailed.  The concept is simple, We The People, acting through our State Legislatures, are asking that the current Federal Government be dissolved and a new Government formed using the same method our nation used to go from the Articles of Confederation to The Constitution of the United States of America.

All those studying this Action please note that the Constitution 2.0 revised  contains all the original intent of the authors of our present Constitution with additions to ensure the continuation of the our little “r” republican form of Government (Not the political party) and put restrictions on the proposed Federal Government to insure its compliance with same.  Additions/Deletions to our present Constitution contained within the Constitution 2.0 revised include:

1)            No language from the XVI Amendment that opened the door for the Federal Government to start regulating the States, and reaching through the level of protection of State Government, taxing and regulating the People;  or the XVII Amendment so that we return to the original intent of having the Senators selected by their State Legislative bodies to represent the State’s interest at the Federal Level;  was included, further language added to completely restrict the Federal Government from the power of taxing our income, borrowing of money or the ability to run a deficit in the budget.  All funding of the Federal Government will come from the States, the budget must be prepared in advance and must balance.  The only exception of these restrictions will be under an active Act of War, this temporary privilege is limited and will be regulated by the State Legislative bodies through the Senate.     

2)            Term Limits for House and Senate Members as follows:  four two year terms for House Members, eight-years maximum service in the House or maximum service in the legislative branch not to exceed twelve-years.  Senators will be limited to two four-year terms, eight-years maximum service in the Senate or maximum service in the legislative branch not to exceed twelve-years.  The States will replace one Senator every two years.  House and Senate Members will no longer draw salaries from the Federal Budget but instead be paid by the States they represent, furthermore their compensation is between the individual Representative or Senator and their State, no standard exists for their compensation and said Legislators shall not be able to vote themselves a compensation package.  It is up to their employers, the States.

3)            All new bills proposed to become law must be single issue in content.  The People will no longer tolerate bills that are thousands of pages in length packed with unrelated items with the attempt to hide wasteful corruption.  Bills will pass or fail on their own merit.  The legislative membership shall not exempt themselves from any law they pass.

4)            American English as our National Language, all Government documents must be in English and only English.  To achieve naturalization candidates must demonstrate the ability to read, speak, converse and write English.

5)            The nine Supreme Court Justices will be elected and all Justices restricted to six-year terms, maximum of twelve-years on the bench.  Five will be elected by the House of Representatives and placed in service on that authority alone.  Two will be elected by the Senate, but require a simple majority of House approval.  Two will be appointed by the Executive Branch but must achieve a simple majority of both the House and the Senate.  Three Justices will be replaced or re-elected every two years, meaning of the first nine Justices three will be able to serve only two years before being subject to re-election or replacement, three Justices will be able to serve only four years before being subject to re-election or replacement and three Justices will be able to serve a full term of six years before being subject to re-election or replacement.  The cycle will then be repeated every two years.  The Supreme Court shall not legislate from the bench, adding to or taking away from any law, treaty or trade agreement; their task is to rule if an issue brought before them is or is not Constitutional; as well as settle disputes between two States or several States.

6)            Countermand language has been included whereas thirty-four State Legislative bodies can nullify any Federal law and/or reverse any Supreme Court decision.

7)            Any State Legislative body, by two-thirds majority of its members, can propose an Amendment to the Constitution 2.0 revised and circulate it among the States seeking ratification, as can a two-thirds majority of the Federal Legislature, the level of approval for ratification is three-fourths of the State Legislative bodies.

8)            Ratification of the Constitution of the United States 2.0 revised will be achieved when two-thirds of the States Legislators vote to adopt it. Ratifying this compact will accomplish several things including:

                A)  Starting over from day one, with all unconstitutional Federal Agencies and their regulations rendered null and void;

                B)  All persons holding Federal Office will be removed from office, to be replaced through election process; anyone that has exceeded the term limits in the updated Constitution while serving under the current Constitution is not eligible to run for election;

                C)  All previous Federal Law and Supreme Court decisions are rendered null and void;

                D)  Treaties with Native American Indian Tribes will be left intact, all other treaties must be reviewed within two years by Congress and reaffirmed or canceled if not in the interest of the People;

                E)  All Trade Agreements made after 1991 to present date are rendered null and void subject to renegotiation or replacement

9)            No language from the XVIII Amendment that created prohibition nor from the XXI Amendment that repealed prohibition was included in the Constitution 2.0 revised.  The eighteenth and twenty-first Amendments listed as omitted are a part of American History, but have no place in the new, fresh, whole compact the Constitution 2.0 represents.

PLEASE READ THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES 2.0 revised BEFORE TAKING ACTION.  Know what is inside the document and see for yourself that the bulk of our current Constitution is INSIDE the new one.

Please understand that during the transition all Fifty Sovereign State Governments and their laws will exist and not be affected by this change; all existing federal debt and obligations will be assumed.  Yes, the checks will arrive and the EBT cards will be filled until better opportunities exist to reduce the dependency on these programs with management of the programs done by each individual State.

The ONLY FORCE strong enough to accomplish these goals is the FULL STRENGTH of We the People united to regain control of our future and ensure Liberty is reestablished for our children, grandchildren and millions yet unborn.  Please JOIN and give this effort YOUR ALL!!!

“To sit back hoping that someday, someway, someone will make things right is to go on feeding the crocodile, hoping he will eat you last - but eat you he will.” Ronald Reagan  
What is the LRC asking me to do to participate in “The Plan”?

This is the purest of grass roots movements.  We don’t ask you to travel, protest or gather at any rallies unless you want to organize your own. The LRC is providing you with tools to reestablish Liberty.  You choose what and how much you do or don’t do, no one will attempt to force you.  You will either dig-in, share the information that includes videos and the website, http://www.thelibertypledge.com , to help spread the word, or you won’t.  You will either keep pressure on your State level legislative members to ratify the upgraded Constitution 2.0 or you will hope someone else does it for you.  IF YOU BELIEVE IN THIS ACTION WE CAN ONLY PRAY YOU DO THE RIGHT THING AND PARTICIPATE WITH YOUR 100% EFFORT.

Here’s what we would like you to do:

Pray for the strength and the guidance necessary to complete this task and for the success of this Action;
Electronically SIGN the Declaration of Intent online with just your name and State you reside in;
Share the post and videos from this website and the Facebook pages:  Accountability We Demand It or The Liberty Pledge; we recommend you copy and paste the links to various videos and write your own posts to share with all your friends, also don’t flood them out all at once, space your posts in 2 to 4 hour intervals, but post EVERYDAY, learn how to time the release of your posts in advance, this information must be SHARED EVERYWHERE to EVERYONE you know or even strangers you come in contact with, you can even order free business cards online with the website address and Facebook page names on them to hand to people;
Contact, using phone calls and email, EVERY MEMBER of your State Legislative bodies, both Congressmen and Senators (not Federal level, the ones that meet in your State Capitol). For help in finding out who they are, there is a feature on this website to help you (and find them all, not just a few of them) you can also Google it!; those of you willing to do so, download copies of both documents and deliver them in person or mail them;
Check this website daily for new videos, go to the Facebook pages listed above daily and check for new posts and updates, remember POST EVERYDAY;
CELEBRATE each State that ratifies the Constitution 2.0 revised by posting about that success, once YOUR State has ratified, start contacting the members of the legislature in neighboring States.  Stay focused on the finish line, that is 34 States ratifying, the last 3 or 4 WILL BE THE HARDEST TO GET, so DON’T QUIT UNTIL WE REACH THAT GOAL!

You will not be alone!

At the time of this writing there was somewhere between one and a half and two MILLION of you that have been recruited over the last two years and have been waiting to get and review these documents.  All are ready to take ACTION once they have seen and verified all the information and determined it matches what they were told about the committee’s plan and purpose. Included in this number are current serving members of 28 State Legislative bodies that have promised to introduce this compact for ratification.  DO NOT ASSUME THAT YOUR STATE LEGISLATORS ALREADY HAVE THESE DOCUMENTS, nor put your complete faith and trust in ANY politician to KEEP his promise, but the LRC has made great efforts to insure this Action will be successful but it will fail WITHOUT YOUR SUPPORT!  It doesn’t matter whether or not you participated in the initial launch April 24th and 25th 2016, you are HERE NOW AND CAN GET STARTED!

Know the TRUTH about this Action before it is attacked!

Let us make this point strongly.  This Action, the LRC membership and affiliates are not in any way connected with any law enforcement agencies, local, county, State or Federal.  This has never been any attempt to recognize and “round-up” Patriots.  No one is going to come arrest you or send you to a FEMA camp.  It is ridiculous how foolish, harmful rumors get started, but over the years I’ve come to expect great lies to circulate among Patriot movements.  We would suspect they come from people trying to scare some of us off taking any meaningful action that could actually fix and heal this dying nation.

Let’s talk about some of the ways this movement will be attacked so you can have the answers ready.  We are sure we won’t get all the possible ways those opposed to this will attack us, but we will give all the ways we can imagine.

“It’s like a Convention of States”.  This movement could be described as a Convention of States on turbo drive, but let us tell you how it is different.  With a Convention of States, you don’t know what you are going to get.  The Constitution 2.0 revised is a whole complete document, what you ratify is what you get, so there is no guess work involved.

“It’s treason, you are trying to overthrow the government”.  This movement is a restoration of our Constitutional republic to the Original Intent of the Founders.  It duplicates the historic action of  when the States adopted the Constitution of the United States of America and nullified the Articles of Confederation.  In fact, the same process is being used for this movement making it legal and lawful, this action is our Sovereign Duty; just read either the Declaration of Independence or the Declaration of Intent, then decide.

“I like all of it except for . . . . .”  No one in the LRC expected 100% of the People to agree with 100% of the content of both documents proposed.  Some will agree 100% but most will find that they agree with 90-95% of the documents and what they represent and can accomplish.  The choice to support this effort or not is completely up to each individual.  If you believe this is the wrong approach, take no action to support it; however, if you realize that this movement represents possibly the last peaceful solution to fix what is wrong with this nation, give this movement your full effort.

Review both the Declaration of Intent (and sign it online) and the Constitution 2.0 revised before you decide to join this effort.  Make sure all that the LRC claims is true about the documents.  If you agree, then get busy because we have a nation to save for our children, grandchildren and millions yet unborn.