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Wisconsin             Wyoming

I am contacting you today to inform you of my complete support of the Liberty Restoration Committee’s action to restore our Constitutional Republic and expect you to vote for ratification of the Constitution of the United States 2.0 revised.  If the existence of this document is news to you, I encourage you to visit to be able to view and download it as well as the Declaration of Intent to fully understand the People’s position in this matter.  Your constituents demand your positive action on this measure or your replacement will be elected by promising to do so.

We the People are more than greatly disappointed with the over-reaching, over-taxing, wasteful and corrupt Federal Government.  We ask that you do your part to correct this situation quickly, lawfully and legally.  We pledge to make sure Liberty is restored for our children and grandchildren.  Don’t you want the same for yours? 

Sample "Letter" to send to your State Legislator's 

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