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The People having long suffered from an over-reaching, intrusive and abusive Federal Government that has moved outside the framework and original intent of The Constitution of the United States; find it necessary for us to take serious action with the intent of proving to those that rain tyranny down upon us, that these abuses will no longer be tolerated.  It now becomes necessary for We the People to demand that the individual Sovereign States dissolve the original Union the States created and reform a restricted restored Government with new guidelines to undo the damage done to our Republic.

We continue to believe and hold these truths self-evident, that all human beings are created equal, that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. To secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among human beings, said Government to derive its just power from the consent of the governed.  Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive towards the unalienable Rights, we have the Right to alter or abolish it and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect our Safety and Happiness.  Prudence dictates that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes, and accordingly all experience has shown that human beings are more likely to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to rise up and right the situation by making sweeping changes to the Government to which they are long accustomed.  However, when a long list of abuses continues to become longer, with serious implications and burdens being placed on even generations yet unborn, with absolute Despotism and Tyranny coming from the Government sworn to protect and uphold the Liberty and Rights of the People, it is the Right and Duty of the People to throw off such a Government and provide new Guards for their future security.  Such is the suffering of the People that drives them to this end; to withdraw their consent from those presently in power and demand the dissolving of the current Government and submit to the several State Legislative bodies for ratification the Constitution of the United States 2.0 revised.

Let us provide evidence of unjustness, over-reach, unconstitutionality, waste, fraud and abuse the People have suffered under the Constitutional Republic created to protect and secure our Rights:

In its recklessness our Federal Government has indebted this nation in excess of Nineteen Trillion Dollars and continues to spend and print money driving the value of our currency down while causing inflation to rise making our poorest citizen’s suffering increase.  Instead of instituting workable solutions to this problem and slashing spending, our representatives increase the debt limit and spend more, creating the current situation of unfunded liabilities totaling more than an estimated One Hundred Twenty Trillion to as high as Two Hundred Trillion Dollars; or more money than exists on the entire planet in every form of currency.  This one example of an out-of-control Government  is cause enough to justify the Actions the People propose. 


In general terms the Federal Government operates beyond its authority while falling far short of its obligations to the People.  Our borders are not secure; lawbreakers crossing are given benefits instead of being punished by existing laws against them.  Citizens are prosecuted, fined and/or jailed for attempting to break or ignore laws; this is not equal protection under the law.  Our Government has devalued our standing by allowing lawbreaking illegal aliens to not only remain in our country, shortening our supply of jobs, but due to their policies, further burden our limited revenue resources with Federal giveaway programs and services to non-citizen lawbreakers while American Veteran Heroes die for shortage of staff, services and funding. This is not moral or just, it is unforgiveable. 

It is the committee's opinion that as long as there is a single homeless citizen, child or veteran in this nation, there is no room for refugees. Recent administrations have on several occasions given liberty and released violent felons into our population instead of keeping them imprisoned or deporting them; this is a direct risk to the safety, property and lives of citizens.

It has long been established that the Federal Government manages nothing as resourcefully or efficiently as the private sector. So why has the Government continued to expand its size, reach and authority over private business through the creation of unconstitutional agencies that create regulations that are in essence, unconstitutional laws, and then prosecute "violators" in a stacked, corrupt system of courts, organized, created and managed by the unconstitutional agencies themselves? This is tyranny and theft. 

These regulations are implemented under the guise of public safety, environmental safety and/or national security, when in reality, this enforcement has caused the bankruptcy of major businesses and in some instances ended entire industries, forcing unemployment and hardship on men and their families while increasing the cost of basic services such as electricity in the case of EPA regulations on coal-fired power plants.  The harm dealt out by these Government agencies for “greater good” is an overreach to obtain more control and more power when the reality is the People’s Liberty is decreased with every new regulation and its enforcement. 

Further evidence of overreach can be found in the many and frequent violations by this Government of the Constitutional Boundaries in the IX and X Amendments to our Constitution whereas the existence of federal agencies has robbed the States and the People of Rights pertaining to education, abortion, land ownership, health, insurance, environment, marriage and property among them. 

Our Federal Government has run amuck and ignored the boundaries and limits placed upon it, so it follows that the People must institute even stronger rules to restrict Government overreach by providing for stronger State Governments and to limit the terms of service to all branches of Federal Government and take measures necessary to abolish all current unlawful agencies that currently number over 600 and return that authority back to the States and to the People.

The People have too late realized their own folly by allowing the Federal Government to reach this extent of abuse of the original intent in our Constitution.  Our Federal Government was created to represent the Sovereign States in international matters of War, Peace, Treaties and Trade Agreements as well as Secure our Borders and provide for the Common Defense; its focus was to be outward, not inward ruling over and regulating the States and the People. 

In 1868, using misleading language designed to deceive; the unlawfully ratified 14th Amendment to the Constitution caused all people to enter into voluntary servitude to the Federal Government.  This single act of deception allowed the Federal Government to depart from the original intent of the Constitution creating the pathway to regulating the States and the People.  It falls to the People to correct the establishment of fictional law and restore our Constitutional Republic; putting an end to the criminal acts of the Federal Government against the People.  The Federal Government has lost its way and is interested not in protecting the Rights of the People, but seeks complete control over us.  This will be reversed.

The People believe our nation’s circumstance so dire as to force us into this bold action.  The People have lost faith in our current corrupt system to the point of demanding a reset to a fresh beginning.  It is the intent of The People, acting through our several State Legislative Bodies to dissolve our current Federal Government and create a restricted restored Government, releasing us from voluntary servitude while rendering null and void all previous Federal Laws, Supreme Court Decisions, certain Treaties and Trade Agreements, while ridding us of all unconstitutional Federal Agencies and their regulations; restoring the Sovereignty of the States and of the People.  While the People realize that this action alone will not solve all the problems We inherit, this action will create a structure where workable solutions can be found.  In support of this Declaration, We The People, electronically signed below, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our resources and our sacred Honor as we jointly withdraw our consent from our current Federal Government in this Action to Restore Our Constitutional Republic to its Original Intent.

This Declaration of Intent was written in plain American English with all wording being defined using the simplest definition. 

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Declaration of Intent

Action of the Liberty Restoration Committee

Drawing their authority from the People of the United States of America