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                                                                    Common Sense 2:  The Liberty Pledge 2.0

This booklet is dedicated to all of my fellow citizens that have been wronged and abused by our Federal Government.  While we at one time believed that the Constitution of the United States would offer us fair and equal treatment under the law, instead we’ve lived the harsh realities of a corrupt, unjust system that holds itself above the Constitution that created it.  The Federal Government of the United States of America has now become everything the Founders feared it could become, a too powerful centralized government drunk on its own strength and assumed authority.  The Framers of the Constitution understood the nature of men, their ability to be overcome and wooed by power, they knew that absolute power corrupts absolutely; and the proof of that statement now haunts the People the Government was created to protect.  You see, the authors of the Constitution expected the People to hold the Government in check, we forgot to pay attention.

A further dedication to all those that are awake to the reality of an out-of-control Government that spends borrowed and stolen money like drunken sailors given liberty for the first time in 6 months.  To all those fellow Patriots that struggle to educate those sheeple among us, I hope this booklet is a tool you can use to accomplish the "Quest" we are on together.  Let me also mention the "faketriots" those good intentioned "know it alls" that talk a good game; oh, they can pitch, but they can't catch!  There is hope for them as well as there is hope for our dying nation, we all need to pull in the same direction.

Finally, a special dedication category for amazing women, first to KrisAnne Hall for her excellent lessons in American History, Government over-reach and Our Sovereign Duty, for her attention to detail, willingness to travel all over the country spreading the message of Liberty, her passion and for keeping me focused by listening daily to her podcasts ( is where you can also buy her amazing books).  This brings me to Rae Laurie who has stood by me through very little thick and lots and lots of thin.  To Lisa Bacchi who steps up to help with all the computer/web site stuff I don't understand and has a talent for producing videos.  No Mom, I didn't forget you . . . to Vera Rea-Lee-Rodriguez-Sanders who has loved me unconditionally since before I was born, tolerated my rebel, gypsy nature and gave me a lifelong love of the written word and its power to effect change.  A special thanks to all women that tolerate and support the passions of sometimes seemingly ungrateful men.
Ernest C. Lee, Jr.
February 28, 2016

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