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The Liberty Pledge

For Liberty’s sake I pledge to know my Rights and to share this knowledge with others, so that together we can exercise and defend our Rights while we work to restore our Republic as our Founders intended it to be.  When this task is complete, no matter the cost, our Pledge of Allegiance will once again be true when we say, ”One Nation, under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.”  We further pledge to work to unite all of our efforts and to never attack any group that values Liberty; for only by being United in Liberty can we accomplish what God intended. 

Welcome Patriots!  This lawful movement is our last chance for a peaceful restoration of our Constitutional Republic.  This is a BOLD move on all our parts and can only succeed with the full strength and force of We the People.  There is a lot of information contained in this site, lots of tools.  Some of you are concerned for your personal safety, but remember there is safety in numbers and this movement started with hundreds of thousands from every State in the Union.  Each of us puts ourselves at risk by standing up and speaking out; however, we put our children, grandchildren and millions yet unborn at greater risk if we don’t.  Your State-level Congressmen and Senators ratifying this action is the key, so read “The Plan” first, then both the Declaration of Intent and The Peoples Constitution for America, understand them and TAKE ACTION!